Thursday, February 12, 2009

A positive spin to Insanity

I did a very insane activity last evening: took my road bicycle for a ride in Dongguan, after dark...

Anybody who knows the condition of traffic in China (crazy drivers, pedestrial trying in any way to be smashed, undisciplined cyclists) may correctly believe that the abstinence from sport
 drove me insane.
But all together it went very very smooth: I have this outer ring of the town where I work that is still not yet fully connected to the highway, etc. It is therefore very quiet, well lit and especially far from any factory (as to avoid the workers strolling around the streets).
Hopefully the road contruction would not be completed too soon otherwise it will become the usual mess of trucks, car and motorcycle (with no lights...).
I was wearing a reflective jacket +lamps. The bicycle itself had not been touched for years, so I must need some tuning in near future.

All said, it was a very balmy weather, 22C and I managed 34km (2 loops) at 30kmh average.
Overall not bad for my first bike ride in centuries, but at every small hill I was "boucing back"... from 42/17 gear, I had desperately to reach the shift lever to go up to 42/21...

So, a good ride and an I will stick to this routine until I am back to running.
(a pic taken end workout, full moon in the sky...)
(map of the ride with my Garmin... the town "below" the course is where I stay and work during the week, 350.000 residents of which 90% are occupied in factories)


Thomas said...

30kmh average??? That's immensely fast, especially for a first ride after a long break!

by7 said...

I was also surprised.
HR average was 150, so around 75%max.