Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worn out shoes

Sorry for the long absence, but I was busy for a while and then it is difficult to pick up again...
So at the end I decide to resume blogging from the end... no point to go back and write how many miles I run or ride in the past 2 months...

I have been in Austrialia for holidays in the last couple of weeks and I had a decent running streak.. but after few days I noticed that my left knee was painful in the inside.
(well... also the achilles tendons were painful but this is not a news..)

Pretty sure that such kind of pain was caused by the shoe being worn-out and tilting inwards, but I was with no spare and I had to be back home for a check.

Once home, I took the "old shoes" (a pair of Kayano 14) and and a new pair of Kayano 14 in my stock... same shoes, the one did maybe around 600-800km and I had not used them for the whole 2009..

Drawing a reference line in the same point for the 2 shoes, I measured from the ground:

OUTSIDE: new: 36 mm - old 36 mm
INSIDE: new: 40 mm - old 36 mm

so the "old" left shoe had lost 4mm of thickness only in the inside!!
Given a width of 90mm, it give a tilt of 2.5 degrees (if I still remember well trigonometry...).

So... even if the shoe upper and the sold are still in excellent conditions... I guess that those pair of Kayano is destinated to the rubbish bin... :-((