Tuesday, February 3, 2009


in some moments I wonder whether I will run again.
Or better, if I will have the motivation to start again from zero after several months of stop.
I do not see myself going out of the door for the first time in April/May, with already 30C outside and completely out of shape.
It is really like sliding at the rock bottom of a hill that you had previously conquered.
This adds up to the care fo the newborn, advancing age and always increasing responsability at the work.

I really hope to find the strenght to fight back and be competitive again (I am of pure "competitive animal" breed: if not for competition, I might not even run at all...).

On a separate note, a local running website did consider interesting to have an interview with myself... the interview is HERE.
For even more uncomprehensible reasons, someone found interesting to translate the interview in Chinese to be published on another local website.


Anonymous said...

Is there nothing you can do to keep up the fitness whilst you recover?
A couple of years back when I was injured I tried underwater running shoes (from aqxsports.com) which I found very good, not just because there is no impact but also because it slows the leg movement and seemed to prevent risk of further muscular injury. This may not be relevant to your case, but just a thought...

by7 said...

dear "." (aka Nick ?)

I know that I could/should do some cross training to keep some fitness. I believe that swimming, aquajogging and cycling could all be good solutions.

A) 5 days a week I am in Dongguan, where there is absolutely no alternative to running (no pools, no gyms, no way to ride a bike outside, etc)

B) the birth of my son have also perturbated my usual "life schedule", so I also found difficult to come back to the usual early awakening in the week-ends.

I acknowledge that is also a mental issue: in 24 hours I passed from the peak (running in S'pore) to the bottom of the hill (injured + a newborn to take care of).
I really need to refocus myself to the new situation and try to survive the moment.
But when I think to the summmer, to the awful feeling of running slowly back to fitness in such an heat... then is really a turn-down

Anonymous said...

In August of 2007, our 2nd child was born on the 9th. Working for the gov't, I had already taken one month off to "help." On the 8th, I was sidelined with a hip issue, which was later diagnosed as a sacral stress fracture. Here I was sitting around a house with a sleeping baby and sleeping mommy. I couldn't do anything and slipped into a mini depression. When I finally resumed running some 8.5 weeks later, it was even more depressing, as the temps were still in the 80-90F range with humidity. You'll get it back. I look back and now consider the time off an extended break that I haven't had in quite some time. Try to enjoy the down time - you'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Dai Roby! Non ti voglio sentire così giù: ricordati che 6 la mia fonte di ispirazione per tornare più forte di prima...
Non è facile, ma ci sto provando, almeno a pensare (per ora).
Tu non mollare che chissà si possa realizzare il sogno di correre insieme a Fukuoka...