Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High inventory

SportTracks has an excellent function that keeps track of the usage of an unlimited number of equipments (even multiple equipments for the same workout).
In comparison, the SW Polar Trainer just can track 2 pair of shoes..
I use the function to keep track of the mileage of all my Running shoes spread among my 2 "homes" (Hong Kong and Dongguan).
Trainers, lightweight trainees, racing flats, etc.... All under tracking (currently I am rotating 6 pairs of shoes....).
To cut it short, both my main training shoes (the lightweight trainers Mizuno Elixir 5 and 6) reached 700km and I deem a good idea to replace them.
Considering my history of injuries, my heavy stride and the fact that with high humidity the shoes are always wet, 700km seems a good number to me. Better replace them a bit more often, but avoid to run on worn out shoes...

Digging out in the cabinet in Dongguan, I realised that I have 12 pairs of new shoes waiting (3 pairs are in HK not pictured below):
Mizuno Wave Ascend - trail running shoes
Mizuno Wave Aero 8 and 9 x3 pairs - marathon shoes
Mizuno Wave Musha 2 - racing flats
Mizuno Wave Spacer RS3 - racing flats
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 - support trainers
Mizuno LD track spikes
Adidas Supernova 10 - support trainers
Asics GT2150 - trainers
Asics Lyteracer DS
Asics Lyteracer DS2

Total insanity !!!
The good point is that I did not have to pay for any of them, because all won at the races.... At least my wife can not complain that I squander the money on shoes....

The bad point is that I realised that I had never used any of those models before, so I really do not know where to start from .
Any recommendation or good/bad experience ??