Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 months - 6 mesi

well, the title is self-explainatory. Now reached the 6 months of no-running.

In the typical psycological cycle of reacting to a set-back, I eventually landed in the "resignation and acceptance" phase...
I do my cycling almost every day, with no real scope. I do my excercises, etc, etc, etc. I gave up going to the physioterapist because it was really too much time-consuming for my job. I gave up any illusion to be able to run a marathon in 2009, so maybe something at spring 2010... but honestly I say this more for give myself a tangible purpose to my bike rides (very boring, always the same loop..).
So overall I do my cross-training like an honest factory worker, just do the job without thinking too much.

The tendons are actually improving, but very slowly.