Monday, August 20, 2007

Running with 30C and 90% humidity and pollution

I guess that no one in Europe or USA can even imagine what is running in Summer here.
Those making paragons with Florida or South Europe do not even get close... because also pollution and the total lack of breeze adds up to the count.

Normally I go running at 6am (at the latest) but the sun rises fast (very fast). The night temperature never drops under 28/29C so there is no much benefit in going night time, apart avoiding the heat from radiating sun.
Generally I "last" 20 minutes: I can run around 4'30" (7'12"/mile) for 20 minutes but slowly my speed decline dramatically .... to 4'40" and later is a struggle to keep 5'. I normally take also some break every 15 minutes. .. and perhaps stop a while to squeeze the water out of my socks

NOTE: does someone know a brand/type of sock that can withstand extreme heat and sweat ? (basically it is like running in a hot pool) ??

I was really low in morale when to complete a 20k run I had to stop 5/6 times with also a rest on a bench ...