Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Race... old winner...

Zhuhai (a coastal city in Guangdong, nearby Macao) launched a new Half Marathon.
When I heard about the new race, I was a bit wary, because organization of events in China can be either perfect with a huge deployment of resources or a total disaster, without too much of a middle way.
It turned out that, because of the support of the local government and the savy involvement of an experienced race organizer, it was a huge success.

Even more pleasant was that my fellow Stefano did win the race, in a relaxed (for him) 1h11' (it was only 2 weeks after the marathon, I recommended him to take it easy).
2nd place for an Australian, just moved in the area and then a score of runners from HK.

Some good pictures of the event, so you may have an half idea to come for a race to China...

(fast and flat course, running along the sea promenade of Zhuhai, it was a misty day)
(some familiar faces in the lead group... hope we could train again together, guys...)
(it is not the usual post race entertainment....)
(the setting for the finish lines looks really world class !!)
(race announcer, chinese way...)
(the winner mobbed by local press... funny to have 5 policemen and 5 security guards on the background, but is China..)

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