Monday, April 21, 2008

humid ... (too much)

In my first "come-back" week, I managed to run 70k, not too bad.

So this morning I get-up very early targeting a long run before work, to see if at least I can hold the distance of a marathon (regardless the pace).


at 5.00am: Temperature 24C (around 80F), Humidity 95% ...

I was well prepared: took 2 bottles of water to hide in the bush for the out-and-back loop, wear NewBalance "Lightening Dry" socks, etc ... but at no avail :

after 1 hour, I was already struggling ... the shoes were full of sweat and at every step I could hear the "swoosh, swoosh" sound of overflown shoes...
The singlet was indeed simply beyond the capacity of saturation and also start to leak water along the legs...
I made it home in 2h15' of struggle @4'20" pace (7'00"/Mile), but the last miles were more a kind of crawl, spotting my high-rise building from afar like a oasis in the desert
(NOTE: living in a hi-rise can be sometimes psychologically very demanding for a runner. My home is in a building about 150m tall; even from distance, it looks very close, but maybe it is still 5/6km away !!).

resolution taken: during summer, I will avoid any run more than 1hr. If needed and if I would have the chance, I will double morning + evening to make 1h30' long run. Running longs in such heat does not make any sense (in a single run, I lost at least 2Kg of sweat, it is impossible to keep up rehydratation of such entity running on a daily basis..)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more on "running moms"

following the lead of the post below, I found an interesting article on these "flying moms" that are lining up for the US Marathon trials.
As an amateur runner and running fan, I feel strong empathy and closeness to the "normal" lives of these talented and very strong willed athletes, whose daily routine and training patterns are so similar to what we can also do.
It is really much more of an inspiration than reading about the life of a Elite Male Runner (sleep, run, eat, nap, run, massage, sleep).

The Doc eventually cleared me for running and maybe I will have revert to spend more time in running shoes rather than reading running websites....

Monday, April 14, 2008

mother with a lot of courage

Emily LeVan, a US top female marathoner, has her own blog and I believe she is a terrific athlete and parent: her daughter is fighting Leukemia and at the same time she is training for the US Trials.
Her story really deserves all our support as runners and as parents.

Monday, April 7, 2008

mission impossible

I badly forgot to mention a "small detail" in the picture of my injury and running plans:

some weeks ago, my wife insisted that we should go to Poland during the May 1st holiday period. (you can assume that she has some reason to go there...).
Our destination (area of Krakow) and the period matched perfectly with the CRACOVIA MARATHON (Krakow Marathon) ...
That coincidence, coupled with running the 10k in 33'30" just few days earlier, drove me to make my entry for the race.
I was calculating that running 5/6 long runs would have been enough to bring me to the start line in decent shape, enjoy a nice run in a nice city and to bring some "running spirit" to the otherwise long and tiring flight to Europe.
So I DID entered and felt injured only few days later...
Only 26 days left to race-day, and I have very bleak prospects. The leg is getting better, but nowhere close to be "pain free".
If I can resume some running, I will try at least to run the marathon as long training run, at least we will enjoy a good family outing in Krakow and have some good carbo-loading in one of the excellent restaurants over there.

I must really recommend this race if you have the occasion to join. Krakow is well connected to many European capitals with low-cost flight and the city is really a jewel in Central Europe. It is very compact, so it really fit a week-end trip (add 1 day if you want to visit the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau).
I did run this marathon also back in 2006 and it is well organized, with a start from the city park, a detour inside the old city and than a long run along the banks of the Wisla river to the industrial town of Nowa Huta and return. Good weather, pretty flat course, runner-friendly organization (a tent for change clothes is just few steps from start/end), not crowded (1000 runners).