Friday, February 6, 2009


A) I want to thank those who wrote comments and mails to support me during this injury time
I am not a depressive guy, but this time I feel really at loss

I begun competitive sports in 1982 and got through many injuries, accidents, downtime and so on...
but this time I feel very vulnerable because I am not only losing the fitness, but also the mental "grip" on making sacrifices, train, wake-up early and so on..  I do not feel even motivation or spirit to make some cross-training when it is possible.

My plan was to run competively for other 2/3 years and no more, but is it maybe the time to call it quit in advance ?

B) Sunday is big time in Hong Kong.... it is the day of the local marathon.
An "awful" total of 55000 people will take part in different events (from 10K, Half, Full Marathon) and overall I think it is the worst possible marathon on earth (course, weather, runner-friendliness, etc).
It will mark the marathon debut of my running "pupil" Stefano.
If everything goes well, he can make a big hit... and especially be the first local runner (behind the usual score of Kenyan and Japanese Professionals)
A running web-site also published his profile
Vai Stefano !!!

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Simone said...

Hi Roberto,
don't think too much about training, once recovered you will find the proper moment to start again, as fast or as slow as you like and you feel to!!! But I'm sure that slowly you will discover again the nice side of running .. whatever the pace and the number of training.