Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Season - New target

After a well deserved Summer break, the new season is started.
I did not post for a while because it did not make sense to write endless description of slow runs with 90F temperature and 90% humidity.
I will probably make a specific post on Summer Running in South China, but now let's focus on the new season.

I started more seriously since the beginning of September and now my eyes are towards the Fukuoka Marathon on December 2nd. It is very challenging because their cut-off time is a 2h45' pace (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so basically I have to take the tail of the race and stay with the "sweep" car ... that would be already enough to make a PB !!

For the training, I will compress the schedule to a 12 weeks preparation because it was not sensible to start earlier. Try to make more miles (perhaps more closer to 70Miles/week rather than 60M for last race) and increase a little the intensity and duration of tempo run, etc. Also have more strides to improve the running form further.
Based on my new credo "Lydiard stykle" I avoid too stressful fast interval training and focus mainly on aerobic improvement, strength and tempo runs.