Monday, February 9, 2009

well done, Stefano

well, suppose that 18 months ago you were only a beginner "alsorun"... suppose that you choose to debut in the marathon in one of the most demanding courses around, and the temperature at the start is already 19C...
so it is an outstanding "Dream comes true"... that my fellow italian Stefano P did make his marathon debut with a time of 2h28'12" !!
An amazing achievement for an amateur runner who picked-up running only at adult age!!

Fantastico debutto in Maratona per il nostro Stefano, che conclude la Maratona di Hong Kong al 18 posto assoluto (primo dei corridori "locali"), con un tempo fantastico: 2h28'12".
Il tutto considerando che 18 mesi fa era un totale debuttante alla corsa... (e anche, crepi l'invidia, facilmente battibile da me anche solo 12 mesi orsono...)...

The course is really tough, see the declaration of the woman winner:

""It wasn't easy out there," Nyansikera said. "This is my first time in Hong Kong and I found the conditions not so comfortable. I struggled as I have never run a hilly course like this."

She was echoing the views of the majority. All the overseas runners in the showpiece men's and women's marathons said the course was among the most difficult they had faced.

Russia's Leonid Shvetsov believed that if Hong Kong had a flatter course, timings would improve.

"You could lop off at least three to four minutes if the course was flat. I'm not complaining, but this is not easy, especially with the weather conditions," Shvetsov said."

So I expect that Stefano could even get close to 2h21-23' in his next attempt on a easier course (and cooler weather)

See a good pic of him in action !!

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