Friday, March 27, 2009

Polar oriented training log

I copy/paste a message from a reader. Message which may be useful for other runner who use Polar HRM.
The web-based training log looks interesting.

You may be interested to test training calendar I've developed for Polar HRM :
(my own training: jp75018).
You can create your account or download (open source) from
Note: works only in Metric Units

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, not much. Same routine cycling, stretching, treatment and no running.
Maybe is going better, but was enough to go for a walk with my daughter to have more pain for few days later...
I am now boarding the plane HK-Helsinki-Milan for a business trip and I am somehow emotional to land in Italy after more than a year.
(The drawback is a week with no cycling and no treatment, but it should not make huge difference at this poiny)

Travel tips: if you need spare parts/accessories for your Suunto o Polar, the duty-free of Helsinki's airport carries a huge selection... Probably the most well supplied shop of Polar stuff I have ever seen (I guess that downtown Helsinki might offer maybe even more..)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

always on wheels

a short update...
the tendons are recovering slowly, but in the right direction. I found a very good physioterapist and maybe once it is all over I would make a more detailed report on the therapies that I am following.

I now cycle almost every day, around 25/30k. For a former full time cyclist is a bit "painful" to feel the pedals so "heavy" but I enjoy my rides (both in Dongguan and Hong Kong).
Unfortunately I am stuck to the usual short loops, but the area does not offer better.

Sunday I found myself in the new role as "ice breaker",  escorting by bike the leaders at the local Shatin 10K race. More than 1500 runners lined up for this classic race which usually mark the last chance for a fast time... the incoming spring will put everybody in slow gear.
In 2008 I end up in 2nd place, but I must honestly say that this year level was amazingly higher: at the start the usual Kenyan T.K. + a fast Ethiopian (no idea on who he is, but reported as 28' 10k runner !!) + all the fastest local runners...
Since the race is hold in a cycle path open to the public, my role was basically to open the way for the runners, shouting to all walkers, dog strollers, cyclist to get out of the way.
Police in HK does not care a shit about sport events, so the organizer is on his own to ensure the safety of the partecipants...

We (me and the top runners) risked several collisions and the most scaring part was when (in the out-and-back course) we begun to share the narrow path with the stream of runners still going in the other direction... I was barely able to open the way, shouting in multi-language to get out of the way and keep the left side... 

All said, it was pretty exciting to see from that close T. the Kenyan and Stefano battle all the way to the 7k mark, where T. pulled away to close with a 20" lead. Big applause to Stefano, for crushing his PB by 20"/25" !! His level now (31'20" on a slow course) is amazing for an amateur runner !!.

The Ethiopian DNF for some injury and many other friends scored impressive times.

Here below a pic of the start. Please note the trees and pillars right in the middle of the path... that's a HK style fast course...