Monday, September 15, 2008

Wk 36 Summary

- 110km in 7 workouts (well, in 6 days)

- main workouts:

Thursday: after a fairly trouble night because of my daughter, I got up too late with little time to spare for a workout. So I felt like doing a time trial to see what is my effective fitness after 2 weeks so so: on 6km I hit 20'19" (3'23"/km pace). The effort was pretty hard, similar to a 10k/15k race. Temperature was an awful 27C/78F. I take it as a decent indication that my 10k shape is around 33'40/33'50", not bad considering the temperature.
Sunday: I got up at 4.30am (!!) and checked the current temperature from HKO: I was shocked to see that we were already at 29C/82F, with 60%Rh (low for the region..). My planned long run was going to be a survival affair.
Kayano shoes because I wanted to save the feet from additional beating (left still painful)
Easy pace for 15k, than it was time for a 4x3k @MP.
11'08"(hot front wind)
11'02" (hot tail wind)
in the last 2 I was way out outside my target HR pace (173 average, while I was supposed to stay under 170), but I do not know how much was also due to the temperature.
To survive, I pick up a shaded strecht and placed water at the 2 ends: my mantra during the 3k interval was thinking about "only xxx meters to the water".
In total 33km, not bad

Overall comment: I started the week pretty easy, feeling still tired and with foot pain. Missed a day on purpose. I guess that it did paid off because I rebounded by the weekend and Sunday's workout was by long the best long run I have had this cycle.

Now I just hope the temperature begins to cool down a bit, as to make at least some decent MP run nailing both the pace and HR before marathon day.
The problem in training with 28C/80F for a marathon held at 10C/50F is that until race day you can not test the real conditions in terms of temperature and feelings... let's see

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