Saturday, September 27, 2008

From WanChai to Berlin

My best wishes to all those running Berlin Marathon tomorrow.
There will be also a fast woman from Hong Kong who should do well (good luck JJ!!).
Also some of my favourite bloggers will run targeting the magic 2h35' that is also my dream.

I will be rather taking part in a track meeting for a challenging 10000m.
The track of WanChai is one of the most spectacular in the world... carved in the middle of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island. I will try to take some shots because the feeling is special (I also hope is not too hot and humid, because the reflection from the skyscrapers make the track feel like an oven..)

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Gianluca Rigon said...

onal best wiches for your race !
Let me know a report of the day !