Monday, September 8, 2008

Wk 35 Summary

- 8 runs for 110km (one double because one evening, I watched a movie while jogging on treadmill)

- 1 5km race: 2nd OE and 32 seconds faster then 1 year ago on the same course. Must be something beyond my comprehension because I felt sick after 3k, stopped and walked for a while...

- Workouts: very poor outcome. I felt pretty much tired all week long and all the workouts were either aborted or shortened.
-- Interval training @HMpace: cut short after 4km because I felt a crap
-- Long run: dragged the feet for 26km and cut short because I also felt pain in my right foot (I need some cushioning..)

Comment: I shall consider it a "recovery" week for the total absence of a good single workout and lower overall mileage. The race itself was amazing, I got a good lesson and in a more relaxed perspective, It shows that my form is better then expected.


Mike said...

B7 - I need a lot of cushioning as well. After trying several pairs of shoes, I found that the Saucony Trigon-5 Ride offered the most forefoot cushioning. (I believe this shoe has been "upgraded" to what is now just called the Saucony Ride)

This shoe is for neutral runners, but if you need more support there is a sister shoe called the Saucony Guide, or maybe Trigon-5 Guide. In any case, the "Ride" is for neutral runners and the "Guide" is for runners who need more support.

I only use this shoe on my long runs or on some easy runs as I prefer more of a performance shoe on tempos or intervals. Maybe you can check them out. Good luck!

by7 said...


thank you for the suggestion.
Unfortunately Saucony is not distributed in either Hong Kong and mainland China..
Here the most popular brand is Mizuno (it is dirty cheap here), and available are also Adidas, NewBalance, Nike and now also Asics

I actually have 2 pairs of Asics Kayano that are excellent cushioned and supporting shoes. The only problem is that in our summer heat, they become like sponges and running become too awkward (do you know the sploosh, sploosh feeling..?).
So in summer I opted to run always in lighweight trainer that drain water much better ... it was not a good idea for my feet.

by the way, which lightweight trainer /performance shoe do you use ? (do not tell me Saucony...)

Simone said...

Saucony Trigon-5 Ride, nice to know!

Roberto if you don't mind I steal the info that unfortunately you cannot use.

Is true, Kayano is great but I also had the chance to try them wet, and they are quiet bad .. squiz...squiz...squiz... really annoying

I definitely have to try the Saucony ... hope to find a reseller in Dublin

by7 said...

I guess the Mizuno Nirvana 4 should be also a good shoe for us: cushioned, supportive, but with Mizuno technology so they do not get that bad with water.

and... today coming back from work, I had to stop in the Decathlon store in Shenzhen (Decathlon is a chain of sports equipment store, born in France and growing , mostly in Europe)... well, they had the Kayano 14 on special offer at 70 EUR/100USD .. I could not resist ... I must have the Imelda Marcos' syndrome. Now I have 3 pairs (well, do not misunderstand me, I must have everything in double to accommodate my double-houses life)

Mike said...

I typically use racing flats as my performance trainers and I use those for my reps, intervals and tempo runs (done on a track)

I used to use the ASIC DS-Racer, but I just got a pair of the relatively new ASIC Hyperspeed-2 and I really like them. They accommodate a wider foot (which I have) which is not typical of flats and they're just 6.6 ounces I believe. ASIC also has a shoe called the Piranha that is just 4.8 ounces but it's very minimal and it's just not enough shoe for me. The Hyperseed has much more substance.

For the "in between" runs (i.e. trail runs, or runs under 10-11 miles) I use the Saucony Triumph-5 (Sorry about Saucony) It's the same weight as the Saucony Ride but has a much racier feel. While the Triumph also has nice cushioning, it does not have as much in the forefoot (I'm a forefoot runner) so I don't like to use it on the longer runs - that's where the Ride comes in.

So total I use three shoes - Saucony Ride for long runs, Saucony Triumph-5 for middle distance runs, and ASIC Hyperspeed-2 racing flat for reps, intervals, and tempo. (I almost always use the flats on a track)

All of these shoes are for neutral runners who have higher arches and don't pronate much.