Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wk 9 - solid

This post might be short... as I am posting by email.

A very solid week with 2 workouts

Tuesday: I hit again the HKSI for the workout with the "HK National
I felt very confortable to hit the split given by the coach.
The workout itself was not necesseraly according to my usual training
philosophy but sometimes is good to try something different.
I ended up running intervals at 3'10" pace, with a final 400m in 66"
(which should be probably my PB....).
My right leg was suffering the high speed and always running in turns,
so by the end of the workout my abductors were really tired (almost
My right hamstring, abductors and groin muscles are all too tight and
quite limiting my stride.
Working on stretching and muscle release is basically the real #1 target
ahead of the next marathon

Saturday: a good 29Km workout with a HoKi. Long warm-up, then 3x4km at
Marathon Pace effort... I do not know, but I felt extremely good and
easy. I was keeping 3'40" average on all 3 intervals. I do not think
that it is entirely sustainable for 42km, but maybe not too far...

All in between, may easy runs.. Some of them maybe not as easy as needed
Total 109km in 7 runs

From now until the marathon, I will stick to 2 big-workouts weekly: long
tempo run and a long run with mixed pace.
Doing only 2 workouts, I can focus on long and hard workouts more
focused on marathon pace, while having a good 2 days easy runs in

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