Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 8 - tired

Already reported about the daring 5000m on the track, I wrapped up the rest of the week feeling really tired.
I do not regret doing the race because first of all there were those consideration about the opportunity do do a decent time in decent weather (now the temperature has already risen to 23C and humid...) and also it was a good way to kick-out the "post marathon gloom"...
After the marathon, is quite easy to totally relax and slack out for several weeks (well deserved anyway). But because I have another marathon coming in April, I better get my things going asap, albeit with the necessary recovery time

Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri; no running... felt really like sleeping was the best option
Wed: track meeting 5000m
Sat: 14km very easy... I was feeling very tired and with aches here and there. My HR was at least 10bpm or more higher than what it should be for that speed.. and I even had to stop a couple of times because I felt tired.
Right hamstring very tired...
Sun: same 15km... slightly better, still HR too high, I tried to run slowly. I really needed a crane to get up from bed...

Recap: legs are not too bad, but the right hamstring really needs some work. I also feel tired.
The real great news is that my infant son has begun to sleep through the night (at least until 5am..) so that is really a boost for the recovery !

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