Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Useful gadget: pulse oximeter

I have always wondered how the people could take their rest HR in the morning and then judge their form, recovery and so on..
If me...after switching on the light, get a stopwatch, make measurement, rate would have been over the roof (also I do not see my wife really appreciative of lights on at 5am..).
So once I saw on (interesting blog) a finger pulse checker used at the purpose..yes, it was really a right idea.
Not difficult to find one in China, since I found one manufacturer with offices in the surroundings...
With a modest cost, I got the one displayed wrapped around my finger.
Very useful, I eventually found that my morning H.R. is 43bpm (!!).
No idea what the other data (O2 saturation ??)is used for (if any real use..).
It is a pity that there is not a model with interface to SportTracks3...(I ask too much..).

After the check, I went for a 37km long run before work !
Very hilly course in DaPingZhen park, at the end I was really tired in my bones more than in the muscles because unfortunately the road is all concrete.
Anyway is a superb course which I really recommend to any serious runner in Dongguan.
No cars, no noise, just road and hills.
The course is so hilly that my km splits fluctuated wildly between 3'20" and 6'00"/k with no km same as the previous one...
At my average pace of 4'08"/km I could have added another 20minutes and finish a marathon in around 2:53'...

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