Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 9

I topped 130km for the week... which is near my lifetime high (I found out that one week of 2008 I run 148km, but basically I then broke down and got achilles...).
I do not feel too tired, but bones/feet and joints are anyway complaining, so I need to take few days easier and shorter run to avoid a breakdown...

Mon: 14km easy @148bpm

Tue: 15km easy in Dongguan @145bpm. It was raining and rather cool

Wed: very big day in Dapingzhen Forest Park... 37km @4'08"/k pace with 600m of climb. I maybe overdid the workout a bit.
The main issue was that most of the course was on concrete roads, so I felt pretty beaten up in feet/knees/bones... etc

Thu: 10k very easy on treadmill. I got up with a pain on my left foot near the "thumb"... I used Kayano even for the treadmill

Fri: 12km easy. Foot was still sore. Also I felt still beaten up from the long run

Sat: 14km. I was planning for a "real" workout, but muscles were still sore and the foot was not better... So I just run easy

Sun: 26km with 16km @ MP target pace. I felt good but the foot was not ok. Anyway after 4km warm-up, I started the long tempo keeping a consistent 3'40" pace.
The main issue was that after 10k the hamstring begun to seize and also the foot was aching also because I was wearing lighweight trainers. I had to mentally pay a lot of attention to relax my stride and avoid "pulling" with the hamstring and keep the pace going.
Overall I clocked 16k in 59' @3'42" but I do not come out from this workout feeling very satisfied.
The hamstring lasted only 10k and at the end the foot was very painful.
Later I went to the park with my kids, we spent all day outside and at the end I was really in pain...

Looking ahead, now I need to find a solution to the problem in the foot and the hamstring.
For the foot: I will use only very cushioned trainers and try to run on soft surfaces (which in HK means only training in a sports ground...).
For the hamstring.... the problem is clear (tight calves, weak glutes, too much work for the hamstring...) but the solution might take months...



i think I made a big mistake last year after having a great marathon I ignored Marius Bakkens advice to have a 3 week recovery stage to my training.
i jumped straight back into racing and training and the result was burnout and injury.
I hope you are not making the same mistake!

by7 said...

thanks Rick.

Well, I think (or I hope) the situation is slightly different..

1) I did not really peaked for the HK marathon... it was part of my training progression and I was still on lighter training load

2) I actually feel quite good., both organically and mentally.
Now unfortunately I have this foot inflammation which is caused by always running on hard surfaces and by my poor running gait/over pronation...

I think it is also quite a good alarm trigger to relax a bit with the workouts and avoid overtraining.


i think concrete is a horrible surface to run on!
I try and do my very long runs off road, but i do my 2 hour progression runs on the road, but keep off the the concrete paving slabs as much as possible.
One thing i found was be cutting down the heels on my running shoes [to give a zero heel - toe lift] I I could absorb road shock much better.