Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wk28 summary

-6 workouts

After 3-4 days of feeling the legs tired and general lack of energy (I guess due to lack of sleep), Sunday I did have good feeling and the workout went very smoothly.

wake up 4.30am, at 5am it was already 29C/85%Rh, we set for a mixed pace long run.
30km with 2k easy/1k @MP. It is really a good workout because it helps the body to tolerate the sense of fatigue and depletes the glycogen reserves fast, so the last fast intervals are really a big stimulus.
I did not want to push too hard from the start because the weather was scaring... really very hot even if the sun was still resting...
we closed with 27km @4'15" average pace. I felt pretty easy to complete all the intervals, there was still something left in the tank.
For reference, I did add some carbohydrates powder to the drinks plus a powergel and it did make the difference in terms of energy levels in the last 30 minutes..

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