Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Secret weapon (part 2)

Just a small post to sing praises to the Technogym Runrace treadmill, that I just owned

- even if mine is a 8 year 2nd-hand stuff, it works smoothly and silently. It is really sturdy stuff.
- can also simulate downhills (up to -5%), so very good for a Boston Marathon training ... goes up to 25kmh (I did not try this, for fear of being swept away out of the window)
- You can program and record also personal workouts, etc
- Lastly, there are many functions for medical and fitness tests (VO2, Conconi, Arstrand) that I am dieing for to try out.

And a special word for the Technogym Customer Service. The treadmill came without instruction manual, so I did send a mail to their customer service center, hoping that they could maybe send me at least a scanned sheet of the section relative to servicing and maintenance.
Well, the feed-back was beyond my most optimistic imagination.
Not only they took care of a request related to a dead old product of which I am a 3rd-hand owner, but they sent me by courier the complete multi-language original instruction manual !!
really Kudos to Technogym !! The company really deserves the good reputation built around their brand.

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