Monday, July 7, 2008

Wk27 summary

Apart from the weather being nasty most of the time (many rainy days with humidity in the 90s%..), here some data from last week

- 7 workouts
- 105 km
- 2 Long runs: 30k "easy" on Wednesday and 25k with intervals on Sunday

Sunday, I run with a good friend and we took the chance to push the pace: after a good hour around 4'15"/k pace, we set for 3x3k intervals at 3'50"/3'45" pace.
The first one was pretty easy because the sun was still down, but the last 2 were hard, I felt the legs pretty beaten up from the increase in mileage, the 2 long runs and the extreme humidity.

For July I am still building up mileage so I can not expect my legs to be anywhere "sharp".
The plan is to reach a consistency in mileage and a good base for my long runs, so that in August I could start more demanding and intense workouts to improve the AT and speed.
The good think is that I am much ahead in my training progression compared to same time last year, so let's hope that in September the seeds will start to give sign of a good plantation.

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