Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23/jul "AT workout"

time: 5.30am
weather: 28C/80%rh (it felt vey good, I believe it was because of the "lower" humidity. Also the air was much cleaner than usual)

target: 3k + 3k at AT effort (HR around 89/80%max ==> hence 178/180bpm), with 1k recovery

1st 3k: 10'00" (split 3'26"/3'20"/3'13"). The HR was not hitting the target until 2,5k so I was continuously increasing the pace... it was incredible to see a 3'13" for the last split with a max Hr only at 181bpm (91% max...) felt great
2nd 3k: 10'11". (split 3'22'/3'23"/3'26") pushed from the start and hit 180bpm after 0,5k. Felt a bit tired at the end. Obviously I was paying for the 3'13" ...
very likely my ideal pace would have been a 3'20"/3'22".

once more a good demonstration that a good base preparation brings you directly in "fast gear" without too much interval training. Now for some weeks I will progressively increase the amount of lactate threshold trying to reach the 60 minutes by end september

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