Thursday, February 17, 2011

A nice book about general training

During the holidays, I had the time to read (by the way, my first Ebook..) a very interesting book about functional training.
It is all about strength and power training for different body segments, focusing on the kind of exercises which are really functional for the sport.

The reading is really a eye-opener about which are the useful exercises to do for general conditioning, especially if you usually hit the weight or machines in a gym.
So, for example, the book explains clearly why doing "leg curls" on the weight machine is a waste of time because the hamstring is not working in concentric effort in any sport, but always in eccentric way to stabilize the hip.

Many of the concept are more targeting "sprint running" sports (like Sprints in T&F and Team Sports), but obviously what is good for running fast is good also for running slower..
(by the way, my maximum sprint speed is lower of Bekele's speed on 5000m/10000m... so the concept of sprint is very relative...)
Anyway a very good reading and good to follow the book's indication if you are setting up a self-made functional conditioning strength program

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