Wednesday, January 26, 2011

totally out of control

my training is spiraling totally out of control together with the frantic pace of life in the past weeks....

I sometimes go to sleep at 2am or maybe sleep 4-5 hours at most, work a lot and also cater to different family commitments. Unfortunately running tries to fight for space in a disorderly manner.

Highlights of the past 10 days:

- 45 Km long run... I was not gone nut, but in the morning I woke up in Dongguan and went for a 35k long run in the fantastic setting of Tangxia Dapingzhen Park
I have never been there for a run and is really a great place: no cars, inside a forest, a very demanding course...
I wanted to run 2h30' and clocked 35k in the process
The park will for sure be one of my future training grounds!

In the evening, I was in HK and a visiting relative asked me if we could go out for a jog and show him where to run near our home... well...OK... so another 10k very easy..

- 23Km MP run.. starting at 21.30... I finished thew workout at 11pm and then collapsed in bed...

- all this mixed up with days of no running and easy runs...
total daily 45Km and I was not even too tired

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