Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wk24 summary

Skipped 2 days for work/family issues, but achieved anyway the target (slightly under 70km for the week).
- good long run (22k)
- in Sunday, I cohorted my friend E. in a medium effort run. Weather condition were prohibitive: just stopped raining, 26C, 97%Rh. After warm-up, we hit a 10k at "MP effort". I was able to keep a 3'50"/k pace with HR around 85%HRmax, but after 5k the HR started to drift closer to 87% and later 90% ... Overall we closed in 38'10" and it was much better than my expectations in terms of keeping a pace sub-4'/k. The main problem is that the humidity is so high that is impossible to have steady pace/steady effort ... after 20 minutes I either have to slow down or my HR starts to rise...

in Wk25 I try to climb a bit more the mileage

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