Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pleasant and Incredible discovery

Yesterday I tried a new route and did an incredible discovery ...
here, in Dongguan, the most industrial city in the world, where the common phrase is "Dongguan is the factory of China and China is the factory of the world", well, I found a forest ... with a network of forest trails ..

Just 3km from my new home, I left some industrial area at my back and found a small artificial lake with a small road around it. To my extreme surprise, the road soon departed from the lake and become unpaved, and got deeper into a "forest" of tropical trees.
I was amazed, the road went on and on for some km until I had to turn back. It was all shadowed by line of trees and seems very very promising ...
maybe after 9 years I found the "Running Heaven" ...
more exploration on the next long run... (sooner or later I will bring the camera because it is really nice place)

on a separate note, the weather is really crap:
- 20 days of torrential rain
- 5 days of extreme heat
- today is the first typhoon of the season and the wind is blowing ruthlessly. Last night we sealed all the windows, but still all the house was trembling ... hope to make a treadmill this evening

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running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

Its pretty cool you have found some where nice to run, maybe there is a God after all! ENJOY!