Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Heat is coming

as usual, yesterday evening I go my daily sms from China Mobile with the weather forecast for today ... I sounded like (my translation from chinese...) : "Summer has arrived; the temperature will be very high, with clear skies. Temperature from 26 to 34C, Humidity from 70% to 90% ....."

I gasped ... the minimum temperature is usually around 4am and as soon as sunrise (5am), it rises very fast over 28/29C

So this morning I hit the road at 6am, but it was already a 26C, with 95%Rh ... I slogged an easy 10k.

Weekly balance: 84k (not bad and ahead of target), Unfortunately I sucked at the long run, otherwise 2 decent quality workout (quick farltek 10x1' + 10x30" and a MP run of 8k).
For sure I need more rest (usually I do not sleep more than 6 hours).

I like also to read how others cope with heat in another part of the world ..( I guess anyway that the desert of Arizona is a bit drier than here)

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