Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Week 11/2008 Summary

A summary of last week:

total 133km in 9 runs (2 easy doubles on the treadmill).
The "monster" mileage went better than 2 weeks before. At the end of the week I was still reasonably fresh.
2 serious workout
- Thu 5.30AM 3x4km @AT pace (I went for a 3'30"/k pace). I was a bit tired and also it did start to rain , so the last rep was way "too slow" in 14'12", even if the HR was not over the limit

- Sun 5.30AM Long Run 35km(22Miles...) : I am really pushing the long runs in these days... Maybe even too much. First 15km at around 145/150bpm, pace 4'05", than 4k+4k+3k @MP around 3'40"-3'45"/k (slightly less than 6'/Mile), with 2km easy run as recovery. The MP sections felt very "easy", the HR was right in the mid 160s zone (my marathon HR should be around 167bpm), so I was quite comfortable.
At the end, I added also a KM fast on the local track, and I was still able to run in 3'18", so legs were still responding good.
These "monster" long runs are pretty demanding (I need 2/3 days recovery) but are really a big stimulus, very close to the real marathon. Once you run @MP even after 30k, well, it really gives you confidence about your endurance...

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running faster with the ALIEN LIZARD said...

impressive training, looks like your starting to hit very good form !