Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"weak" legs and a poor workout

This morning was supposed to be my "tune-up" workout before next Sunday's 10K race, but it did not go very well.
I am obviously still recovering from the "silly" Mileage of last week and the legs were heavy.
On the same track, one week ago I was running "easy" at 3'12"/k pace ... today was a bit different.

Planned: 3 x 1500m @LT effort (3'32"), with 2' recovery jog + 2x1000m @3'20" with 2' jog + 5x200m strides in 36', with 1' recovery jog.

Actual: the 1500s felt already very hard, I hit the pace, but it was unreasonably hard. The Polar HRM was not working well, so I do not know if the HR was also too high or what.
the 1000m were completely off-mark: I hit 3'22" and 3'24" but it was very tiring.
the 200m strides went better, but obviously running 200m is not a way to measure the fitness ...

Diagnosis: take it all easy until Sunday and refrain from heavy mileage. Sleep more (also tonight I maybe slept no more than 5 hours).

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