Monday, March 3, 2008

Unnoticed ....

I was given this pic only days ago, and it refers to the local Corporate Games Race of last December.

Just to remark that, running in China, I do not go unnoticed.... (luckily I also have black hairs...).

More seriously, last week log "scored" a 134 Km (84 Miles), that is my lifetime "PB" and basically a "times 3" compared to what I was usually running in the past... it was a quiet week for the work (too quiet), so I guess that I will very likely retrace back into the 100-110km very soon. I try to sustain a higher mileage for the 2 months left until the rest of the local season to see how my body reacts and if it can be sustainable also in my next marathon attempt.
(NOTE: in summer, the heat/humidity are simply unbearable, it will be a success to run 60km weekly and drag the feet until September...)

I closed the week with a Long Run of 28km at a real good pace.

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