Monday, November 19, 2007

Will you run a sub-2h45' marathon once aged 53 ????

The organizer of Fukuoka Marathon have released the complete starters list.
Obviously the top-guns like Paul Tergat and Sammy Wanjiru make headlines but I am more impressed by

No. name age nationality
576 TSUKAMOTO,Namikazu 53 JPN
644 UCHIYAMA,Tokuhiro 53 JPN

Hei!!! these guys DID run a marathon in less than 2h45' in the past 2 years !!!! (this is the entry requirement to Fukuoka).
I am amazed .... 53 years and still running in the best 0,5% of the running population...

We still have time to achieve our PB then !!!!

Other small notes:
- there will be less than 10 "whites" at the start (excluding Japanese, Korean and Kenians), so I will not pass unnoticed...
- around 580 at the start ... a small pack, hope to find a group to hang with for as long as I can
- compared to Japanese runners, I am FAT !!! those around 180/181cm like me are 60/65kg !!! I am probably the heaviest in the starting field ?? (at 181cm/69-70kg)

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