Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Farewell to my shoes

I publish this post in tribute of my Asics Tarther , that after a long life of service have taken the way to the rubbish bin.
The photo reveal clearly that they had gone a long way for supporting my heavy stride (I am 70kg/155lbs) with a marked pronation.

I am very sentimental about my running shoes, usually hanging on on every excuse to keep them for years: my Adidas LA trainer (used in the 80s during my first spell with running), are still in my parents' house with the excuse that I could need them for a run if I pass by there (....12000km from here...). Also in my cabinet the Reebok used in NYC marathon in 1999 (supposedly I should use them as leisure shoes...) (this pair can claim to have done a around the world trip: purchased in China when I was still living in Europe, they took the plane back to Europe, than come with me to US for the NYC Marathon, and later transplanted back to China for their retirement) and I still take care of a pair of Diadora running flats that I was using in the mid 90s' during my second running phase, very remarkable these Diadora are too tight and too short so I really must find a good excuse to keep them ...

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