Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 31/2010 Summary

MONDAY: crawling jogging 11km. The heat was oppressing...

TUESDAY: hit the track... I was planning to do 10x800m but in the warm-up I felt my hamstring getting tight (a lunge badly executed...), so I after 5 intervals in around 2'45" I thought it was better to jog home

WEDNESDAY: in Dongguan, run 11km on trail.. very easy pace even if the ups/downs make for some work anyway
THURSDAY: unplanned rest, due to poor planning...
FRIDAY:  it was right after an heavy storm, so the air was much better and slightly cooler (26C). Better workout in ages... 25' w/u + 10 x 1'on/1'off at strong pace, jong 6' then 10x30"on/30"off.
Total distance 18k... a real big workout and felt quite strong
SATURDAY: easy 11k
SUNDAY: 21k with some hills. It was super-hot and I lost 3-4kg of sweat during the run... a real torture...I was glad that I could still keep a decent pace even after 1hr...

Total 80km. Not a perfect week, but at least I kept a decent mileage.

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