Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dongguan running route - the forest

I mentioned about this route before, but today I grabbed the Garmin on purpose to share the actual route with whom might be interested.

As the "world's factory city" Dongguan is not particularly famous for her green areas... but in reality there are some, just that nobody comes here if not for business...

So this morning, 5.40am, temperature 27C, slightly overcast I ventured for a long run all the way from Dongguan to Shenzhen Longgang through this forest road. I have not done this route since my injury, so I was also curious to see what had happened... (China changes every day...)

well... until now the run was in totally unspoilt area, green fields, lakes, small hills... no human presence apart from farmers...
So I had to swallow a tear when after 5k I saw construction equipments and the banner of "Guangdong Highway Contruction Co"..... it goes without say that in 1 year probably there will be an highway passing in the area...

Start point is at the QiYeShi Reservoir, in the eastern side of Qingxi Town (which is where I actually work/live...)
The course is partially dirt and partially concrete road and enjoys a good shadow in early morning because of the hills.
Not any tough climb, but many small hills makes for a good workout... the full return way to Longgang is 21km, but can be increased further doing a detour in a branch road in direction of Fenggang.
No 7-Eleven, Starbucks or Mama/Papa shop along the course so must carry his own water (I run with a Nathan Quickdraw handheld bottle in one hand and another normal water bottle in another....).

so enjoy the course until is still unspoilt and quiet ...

for details oriented readers, a link to the Garmin data

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