Monday, December 22, 2008

Wk 51 summary

- 16 Km in 2 workouts

not much to say... the tendons are painful whenever I run. I am trying different combinations of shoes, heel lift, whatever to see if it might improve.
My most ardent wish is to gradually improve in order to run the CC Marathon on January 18th.
But the most likely scenario is that I hang the shoes until the pain is gone, so that sometime next year I can resume running in a proper way.
It is a real pity because now is the best period of the year for running. The weather is perfect, dry and around 15C.

I scouted the web for suggestions on the treatment of the tendinitis and you can find the most disparate opinions/suggestions:
- stop running vs run anyway in reduced volume
- use heel lift vs no using it
- eccentric stretching vs no stretching
- use cushioned shoes vs use flat

2 very authoritative sources like Dr Pribut's running injuries website and the sportinjurybullettin give almost opposite advices on stretching the calf...



A couple of years ago a friend was getting dreadful tendon pains, his brother paid for him to see one of the best specialists in London!
His answer was to always start a run with a slow walk! followed by speeding up to a fast walk and then a jog before getting into a steady run.
My friend followed this advise every time he went for a run!
It worked the tendons stopped hurting and there was a happy ending!
moral; never rush into a run!

Mark said...

I wish you the best of luck in getting through this injury. The human body can suprisingly amaze us as you well know so keep the spirits up!