Saturday, December 6, 2008

6/December : like an Elite Runner (apart from the legs)

Let's imagine that you could unleash your wildest fantasies as a runner:
- land for a big city marathon and the organizer is there greeting you, with a bus arranged to take you to your hotel
- go straight into a meeting room, where someone takes care of your room check-in and already gives you the race pack, without queing for it in some crowded race expo
- a full supply of GU gel, water and else is available to arrange your special drinks to leave at dedicated tables
- all luches already arranged for you and it happens that you are seated at the same table with the World Champion
- a marhsall will brings you to the Elite tent nearby the starting line
- no need to shovel at the start to find your own pace... You are in the front line...

Well, this is what happening to me here... At some moment I would like to approach one of the Organizer rep and ask them to check again if it is really my name in that list of Elite Runners...

It is all so unreal... Especially my status if representative of a nation...
Our HK team is strong and I believe that we can do well (obviously related to our standard... Here there are bunches of Pro Kenyans, Ethiopians, Russian women, etc)

Now I must live up to the situation...

Physycal conditions report: the achilles are sore and the calf is very tight, but Voltaren is doing his job
Now I am more concerned by the tight calf muscle, than from the achilles itself (they seem kept at bay by the Voltaren).

(Note: the Kenyans and Ethiopians here are famine-slim, but eat like hungry wolves... So I suppose their metabolism is up to their leg speed)..

Race Number: 0051


Stefano Passarello said...

This is really cool. Enjoy it you deserve, seems like you have been compensated for the seul marathon problem. Make us proud!!!


Your living most club runners dream, so enjoy and I hope your aches and pains melt away on the start line!

Salsakid said...

Good like during the race!

I read your blog and I am sure you will be fine!

Dmitry from St. Petersburg (Russia)

Thomas said...

Good luck - and, most importantly, enjoy the experience!

Mike said...

Best of luck! Speaking of luck, #51 is considered the luckiest number for cyclists in the Tour de France. Aside from #1 (which is usually worn by the winner from the past year), #51 has won the tour more often than any other number.