Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Running Index vs Cadence

Voila' another chart, exploring if there is a relationship between cadence (leg turnover) and Running Index (hence "effectiveness" in the run).

The graph shows a certain correlation (higher cadence positively related to higher Running Index, calculated automatically by Excel), but I can not swear that it could pass a more accurate statistical study (level of confidence of the correlation, etc), because the variance at each point is in the range of +/-5 (points of RI)...

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Simone said...

Happy new year and (very late) congratulation for the new born!!!

About Running Index and cadence I can definitely say something. I have to go back to my saved training. I'm a fast cadence runner (96 for the last marathon) so I can give you some interesting feedback. I just have to filter some of the training, when the SD was not calibrated ok, in that case the Running Index can be wrong by a small but valuable value.

In general I agree the Running Index is a good predictor, it may miss the endurance, cause it does not take into consideration how long you can last. But if you did your "homework" about endurance Running Index can indicate with a good precision the marathon time. About same Running Index same time for different persons, I don't know!!! I'll tell you soon the running index of my last month before my last marathon, that I ran in 2h39'

talk to you soon,