Wednesday, November 12, 2008

update 12/Nov

  • I am back to running. The hip is not 100% ok, I feel still tightness in the area and my stride is not yet fully normal. I can not "carry" the right leg in the best way to have a smooth stride.
  • I also got a bout of tendinitis to the achilles because I maybe resumed running too suddently. That complicates the equation...
  • I lost a bit of aerobic endurance, but most of all I am really "flat" whenever I try to rump up the speed.
  • The temperature dropped dramatically in 1 day... from 24C to 14C in 24 hours... now it is a paradise for running... Running at 27C compared to running in cool weather is like 2 different sports... now I understand again the meaning of "easy run" or "tempo run"... now the usual "crawling..."
  • Next race: I will take the start line of a Half Marathon in 10 days. The start is 1km from my home and the course is basically my usual training route... so I play at home... I hope that at least I can last the whole distance
  • Lastly, it is not really my lucky period. I got a call from HK Athletic to be invited to represent Hong Kong at the Singapore Marathon, as part of the HK team... that would be really a great honour and the maximum level of self-achievement for an "alsorun" like myself. Well, I had to decline because I might be more likely in delivery room in those days... what a difficult trade-off between such a family joy and this maybe unrepeatable opportunity...

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