Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I just got the latest copy of the local running magazine and I am almost embarrassed by a flattering compliment from another good runner, who was interviewed in a nice personal profile.
(the gentlemen is a very prolific runner, very solid performance and many victories. In my personal opinion his too many races go to detriment to giving his real best in some top races, but at the end he must follow what he feels best for himself)Dear Choi, thank you very much for labeling me a "talented runner" and remarking the event (almost one year ago) ... it is a compliment totally undeserved.
(I remember well that race... as mentioned, we were in a big pack and he started to push his own pace and drop one runner after the other, I was the last to be dropped...)


Stefano Passarello said...

if you see at page 23 of same magazine you can see that you are not mentioned just as a prolific runner but also as a precise coach and motivation booster!!!!!

by7 said...


I read page 23, but that sentence was too embarrassing to post...
I must acknowledge here that your public gratitude was been an act of extreme regard to me.
I am happy to have been able to support you in making your inner talent become tangible (a good proof that there are many good runners around, provided they train in the right way).