Friday, November 14, 2008

Singapore, I am coming...

the things are:
- HK Athletics pushed me again to run in Singapore

- my wife got excited of the idea that I was running representing HK and that was really a special opportunity, likely unrepeatable. We did a contingency plan in case of an early delivery (the due date would be December 18th) and, at the end, she was the one pushing me to go (incredible... my wife supportive to my running mania must be a sign of serious hormonal unbalance)

- I might not be at 100% condition, but running in Singapore removes a lot of pressure because it will be hot, so a slow race. My hip pain is affecting especially at higher speed where the range of motion is wider, but very likely in Singapore it will be enough to run around 3'55"/km.

Overall, I felt it like something unconceivable only until 1 year ago and a realization of a "kid's dream" (which athlete does not dream of representing his country in international competition ?).
I have been living in China and Hong Kong for 9 years, so it is almost like my own country (well, in other countries I would have already got citizenship...).

All said, I give it a try... If I can run well, the better, otherwise it will be anyway a great feeling just to wear the "Hong Kong, China" singlet and start in the elite sector.

now, the basic is: how to get ready for a marathon in 22 days ???? that would be a good title for some article on running magazines, but honestly I was already in tapering phase for a while...
I will try to make a long run this week end, run anyway the half marathon on 23rd to make a "solid" workout and keep the mileage higher until 4 days to the marathon day.
HKA is really weird in their approach, selecting the team with only 4 weeks to go (I know that they also contacted other male and female runners with the same timing).

Singapore's course


Thomas said...

Well, congratulations on making the team! Since you were already in marathon shape without actually running your marathon you should not have too many problems being in good condition for Singapore.

Dovy said...

by7, congratulation. I am proud you will represent us in running the Singapore marathon.


Wow representing H.K.. thats cool,
at least you will used to running in the heat! GOOD LUCK!

Simone said...

Sounds really great,
I'm sure the stamina for representing HK in Singapore will close the gap for some missing trainings. You were running so so so great, I'm sure you can still perform at that level or almost!

best of luck

Sling Runner said...

Congrats by7, that's an honour. Since the start is early, hopefully the condition is not that harsh. Winning time last year was 2:14 (his PB was 2:10 I think), so pretty decent and faster than this year's HK marathon.

Let me know if you want to meet up for food/drinks on Saturday (I'm just doing the 10k). Don't think I can run with you since my pace is slow.

Pantheon said...

all the best. great chance...

by7 said...

thanks to everybody for the wishes.

Honestly speaking, I feel that my fitness should be reasonably enough to run decently (the 38k of yesterday are a good proof).

But, as a matter of facts, I am still suffering from pains and tightness here and there, so finding the right balance between training and recovering from the injuries is the main scope right now...

last year, the HK team runner got a "heat stroke" and even lost his way, losing 10 minutes (i do not know how it did happen..). So I am quite fearful anyway.

About the Saturday lunch/dinner, I am not sure yet of the team's schedule and if I can go around on my own and I must stick to the team all times. We are 4 athletes + a coach (who is HK record holder for marathon... )
I am not sure yet of