Monday, October 6, 2008

Wk 40 summary

- 148km in 7 workouts . (WOW.. it is my lifetime record for a week)

Overall: I wish I could have had several weeks like this... it was almost perfect in terms of quality and quantity of the work. The cooler monsoon helped a lot because reaching 15/18km in my "easy" days was really easy.
Unfortunately the hot weather in September really killed me and I have not done yet many really "high quality" workouts. The number of Km really hitting the pace has been very low.

I am really in doubts for the next 2 weeks on what to do:
- work mainly on quality workouts and try to become more familiar with "high" speed, even sacrificing the distance
- continue the plan as mixed endurance/speed, with the risk to have great stamina, but not mechanically used to the 3'40" pace...
I think it over tonight... (suggestions welcome)


Simone said...

Really a great week, I'm still around 109km as my best week ever.

About myself I would go for more km at marathon pace with some half-marathon workout.

Both long half-marathon (5k) with slow (30-40" slower) 1k recovery and some marathon pace with "fake" recovery at half-marathon pace ... 2/3kM + 1k Half + 2/3kM etc...

so you can put some speed on, but acquiring confidence at marathon pace, specially in the second type, mentally resting at marathon pace!!! On me is a great-great-great one.

anyhow, you are on the good direction, well done well done, keep the good work on

by7 said...

Simone, se corressi 7/7 e facessi qualche lungo in piu', arriveresti facile a 120/130km, che e' gia' un livello che da una solidita' da non poco.
NOTA: lo dico perche' sono un "pentito" dei bassi chilometraggi...

grazie per il suggerimento e proprio domani ha avuto successo un'altra mia convocazione dei "vip" runners locali per un 4x4k a HM pace, con recupero 1km "brillante"...
vista la compagnia, sara' un massacro (resoconto domani)... ma almeno sono sicuro di essere motivato


As your running so well i don,t think you really need to change any thing, but if you want more speed Arthur lydiards leg speed session is excellent. run on grass slightly downhill or with the wind over 150m or so, working on a fast smooth cadence.
And if you incorporate a taper over the last 3 weeks including short efforts at 5k pace this should sharpen you up nicely! but I'm sure you already know that already!