Monday, August 18, 2008

Wk 32 Summary

  • 7 workouts (included 1 race)
  • 114 km
  • 3 quality workouts:
  • Tuesday: 21km with 6k @ LT in 3'30". Felt very comfortable at that pace. The HR hit the actual LT level (177bpm for me) only at the end. At the end, some strides. Felt very confident for Sunday's race
  • Thursday: 30k long run with some stretches @MP. A bit fatigued, too little sleep in these days and is really hot out there. But the workout went out quite smoothly, 30k passed quite quickly
  • Sunday: 10k race in 34'57" + w/u and c/d total 20k (detailed report already posted). Looking at the race as competitive event, I should be rather happy. As fitness test, not really satisfactory, felt like crap after 7k and miss completely my target time.


Sling Runner said...

By 7,

Solid week and a decent time for the 10k considering Thursday's long run. In last month's 10k race in Singapore, there were a couple of Kenyan runners as well and he won in 32. I believe there are a handful of Kenyans runners living in Malaysia and do small marathons across Asia (KL, Ipoh, Penang, Pattaya, Phuket etc).

by7 said...

yes, also the Kenyan in question was coming from Malaysia and was running in 32', but really slowed down a lot in second half and got beaten by the Taiwanese runner