Monday, August 11, 2008

Wk 31 Summary

  • 7 workouts
  • 115 km
  • 3 Quality workouts
- Tuesday: 18km with 6x1k @ 10k speed . Recover: 3 minutes (well, a bit long, but I wanted to avoid overheating). Nice run in the countryside. The course was full of ups/downs so I went by feeling, maybe intervals around 3'30" pace

- Friday: 22km with 5x2k @ AT (177bpm+/-2%). Details. Felt a bit tired at the last interval for lack of sleep (I guess)

- Sunday: long run, easy 31km in 2h17'. The temperature was not awful, only 25/26C with 90% Humidity. I did the silly mistake to wear the Asics Kayano to get some extra protection, but they ended up very soon completely soaked in sweat and with that awful sensation of running on a sponge...
I reiterate here again that those high-cushioned shoes are totally unuseful in these climates, becuase they completely lose any cushioning effect as soon as wet by sweating. And I strongly believe that all factors included, a light shoe let you keep a better stride for much longer and a better stride means less impact on the foot... from now on, the Kayano will be relegated only for easy short recovery runs ...
The run went quite ok, I was not brilliant so I just keep the legs going at a steady pace, with 2 climbs of 3km each.

Feeling on Monday morning: definetely tired, sore legs, very likely a bit overdone

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