Monday, February 25, 2008


after the crawling, not it is "fighting", rather than running.
I am still fighting to go back to the usual schedule of early wake-up calls and morning runs.
I bailed-off both Saturday and Monday's run simply because the alarm clock did not make much to move myself from the bed. Saturday I was basically deadly tired.
Sunday I managed to run around 21k in a very decent 1h27', but when I tried to pull the trigger and go at AT pace, my legs were simply not responding, even if the HR was still relatively low.
I guess I need some additional sleep and back to consistency in training, with some decent speed workout.
This week, I am stuck in Dongguan for the whole week, so I will have plenty of time to add treadmill evening runs to the morning workout. The weekly mileage should then go back to normal.

Tomorrow morning I will try to make some Vo2max workout on the school track if it is open (for some strange reason, they close down the track (that is in all-weather rubber) when is raining ... so I must hope for the rain to subside before tomorrow morning...

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