Friday, February 22, 2008


The jet-lag is killing me ....
I am terribly suffering to go back to the normal routine: poor sleep, weakness, etc.
All my training plan went out of the window and I am just trying to "survive". When the alarm clock ring at 5.30am, I am very tempted to bail off (anyway it takes me 25 minutes to get out of bed and slip on short and shirt)
In the past 2 days I was "crawling" rather than running: barely holding a 4'30" pace was already very tiring. Managed to run the 11k loop but it looked much longer.
I even feel a kind of chest pain due to the tiredness (it happened to me also in the past, it is a kind of "cramp" of the chest muscles).
Hope it will be better soon, otherwise my training plan for the spring would need a total overhaul. Let's catch up with the sleep on week-end

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