Tuesday, April 24, 2012

when people really deserve it....

This post is not really related to MY running, but rather to the outstanding performance of my team mate Michelle (her detailed race report HERE).
Thanks to one of the sponsor of our club, she was invited to take part in the Sarnico-Lovere, a point-to-point, 25.2k race along the coast of Lake Iseo in Italy.
In November, Michelle cooked herself up by training too much for reaching the standard for the US trials and fared relatively poorly at her marathon in Japan (2h53'... very far from her target).
She was really low in morale for several weeks and anyway put her heart in training for this race.
This time, she changed her training (in my opinion for the better): less fast&furious interval training, more workouts of long intervals at HM effort and long tempo runs.
I was really happy when we went out together for those long tempo of 15k or 18k...
The result speak for itself: she arrived 4th in a race full of Pro or semi-Pro runners in a time of 1h35'53".
Ahead of her, only a Kenyan, a Moroccan and a strong local girl.
That is like running the HM in 1h19'xx" and add another 4k on top...so a huge "virtual" PB for her


Ewen said...

Great time (and improvement). Agree with you re 'fast and furious' interval training not being useful for marathon racing. Most who train that way are inefficient at burning fat and use glycogen too fast.


Great race Michelle and good coaching Roberto.

46 said...

Nice photo.
Congratulations to Michele. Amazing time.

You can see cleary that at the end she's a heel striker. Maybe to long strides?

Possibly a oportunity to improve.