Thursday, October 21, 2010

WK 41 Summary

Apart from surviving to 3 small kids (my real running idol is this guy (Thomas) in Ireland.. he manages to train for Ultra with 4 kids...his wife is super-cool..), here the war bullettin:

A) I went down with a bad cold which lasts for 10 days, so I had to miss a run here and there and really struggled a lot to sleep in a proper way. Some days I went running but I felt incredibly weak so it was really a crawl...

B) I mentioned already that I was struggling with a tight hamstring in the past weeks and got a good comment that it might be caused by the posture, etc.
I was also noticing that in the most recent weeks I was really struggling to run properly and my feet were stomping into each other, plus lack of push from the right leg...
... so I booked the PhysioT and she confirmed my suspicion: my pelvis was twisted and the muscles of the right gluteus were so tight that the leg could not swing properly.
So all together the stride on the right side was shorter and the twisted pelvis caused the right leg swing to "cross" over the trajectory of the left leg...
She gave me some exercises, stretching and also worked out with manipulation and deep tissue massage to move back the system in the right place.
I am really very sensible to this kind of problem and my right leg is incredibly weaker than the left one.
So now I put myself to work more diligently on this problem because otherwise it does not make sense to run more.

C) as if not enough, during last saturday's run, my left "vastus lateralis" got into a kind of spasm and was strained.
So this week I gave up on a couple of days switching to cycling... and worked also to release this strained spot.
My suspicion is that the strain was caused by the excessive load on the vastus caused by the tild of the foot using these new orthotics. In a sense they are really "too much" corrective..
They align the lower leg, but then there is too much lateral load on the I will try to use my old orthotics for a while and see what happened (the old ones are much less tilted)

despite all... somehow I managed to run 70km in 8 runs, in 6 days... Total herratic training but I hope for better days. 
Did I make some workout ?? mmm... in some days I cranked up the pace, but nothing really structured

Now my focus is to pick up a nice marathon for next spring... 


Sling Runner said...

By 7 congrats on the new born baby !

I also had the same problem with you where the stride on one leg is shorter than another since I picked up the injury.

by7 said...


yes, so now I am working on 3 fronts:

1) torture (deep tissue massage) on the right leg's muscles to relax the muscle
2) an exaggerated amount of stretching for gluteus, hamstring, etc (always right side)
3) strengthening exercises for the core (TA muscles) and the large glueus muscles
(I should do daily, but well... for sure If I am still in office at 19.30 ....)