Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 27 to 29 - 2010 Summary

Archived the first half of 2010, I am trying to focus on running only for a while.

Target: nothing in mind at the moment. Once I will get close to my former self on shorter distances (if possible), I will decide when and where to tackle a marathon again

Constraints: currently my right Achilles tendon is still slightly painful after some heavier workout. I can feel that is still a bit thickened.
I try to monitor the situation and keep going with my stretching, strengthening, etc.

Training Plan: since it is bloody hot and since I have the muscles a bit tight from all the cycling, I do not want to rump up the distance too much, but mainly focus on AT workout and mainly on "faster" workouts targeting the neuromuscular capability (strides, hill sprints, etc).
Nothing too hard, but is important that I can extend the stride and gain again a good muscular efficiency at race speed...

Training of the last 3 weeks:

- Wk 27: 31 km
- Wk 28: 43 km
- Wk 29: 61km

yes, I do not follow the 10% mileage increase rule...but

On week 28, we spent a nice beach holiday in Samui, Thailand and every morning I went for a good 7-8km run which was mainly a way to get back into the groove of training daily.

Honestly, I think that the Thai heat is easier to bear than the corresponding HK summer (at the same time of the day). I do not know if it because of the pollution, or because the lack of air circulation for the too many high-rises, but running in HK in summer is really a torture... after 20' I begin to crawl, while in Thailand I could complete decent workouts and it was almost pleasant (almost...)...

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