Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 18-2010 Summary

I tried to increase the workload but it was probably too much too soon, so in the weekend I felt like crap....

MONDAY (Hong Kong): Run 11k with some 200m strides at the local track. I was still recovering from the weekend bike ride...

am (HK): very unfortunate bike ride. My ride buddy crashed against some barriers and hit the ground... we aborted the workout and I escorted him home. 30km at slow pace. Hope he can recover soon from his scratches and contusions.

evening (Dongguan): I wanted to recover for the lost workout and did the first running workout in years... I shooted for 7x3' @ 3'30"-3'35" with 2' recovery , but after 5 I was tired enough to end.
I was ok, but the legs are really not springy as before...I really suffer on the fast paces.
Anyway 12k in total

WEDNESDAY (Dongguan)
am: easy bike ride 40k
pm: easy jog on the treadmill (40')

THURSDAY (Dongguan)
am: good bike ride. I tackled the long climb in the forest park with the CX bike...
unfortunately the Garmin run out of battery right before the top, but I was for sure on a PB for the climb (around 38').
The climb is 7km with several points at over 15-18% (followed by easier sections): with the 36x26 is quite hard.
total 1h30'

FRIDAY (Hong Kong)
Run 11km under heavy thunderstorm. It was so strong that I had to keep an end in front of the eyes while running... but at least it was not too hot

SATURDAY (Hong Kong)
Run 10k: Felt AWFUL. After a long warm-up, I went for the track to make some faster intervals .
I wanted to do some lunges as dynamic stretch, but after the 2nd one I strained my muscles. I AM AN OLD MAN...
Aborted the idea of the sprint workout and just jogged home in pain

Bike 30k: I felt even worse... the abductors in the legs are strained and painful. I tackled a tough hill near home and the HR was not even climbing over 150bpm.
So It was sign of severe fatigue. I gave up the idea of more climbing and just went for a spin.

- Bike: 4h40' (1 decent workout)
- Run: 3h40' (1 decent workout)
- 2 strained muscles
- gained weight....

1) I need to find a way to solve/improve my insomnia: I was able to sleep no longer than 4-5 hours for the past nights and definitely I could not recover at all

2) I am now sitting on the desk with my muscles pulling like hell and almost can not walk. My flexibility is really poor if a lunge can lead to this...

3) summer is here... 28C at 7am on Saturday, know there will be 6 months of hell ahead...

4) I eat too much and too many cakes/ice-creams, etc... the scale tipped 75kg which is totally unreasonable

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